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Founded in1941 by Mr. Alfredo João Krick, Café Ouro, brand was born in the city of Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina state, where it started its commercial activities, characterizing ifself as a traditional local brand of Santa Catarina. In 1983, the company was solid and transferred to Ibirama City / SC, where it is currently located. As of November 2006, the company welcomes a new generation of entrepreneurs and after, it is totally restructured, introducing the brand once again into the retail market.

Since then, with aligned and well organized work, always prioritizing the quality of its products and the industrial automation of processes, the current management has been growing fast inthe retail market, winning customers with confidence and innovation.


Traditional and Extra Strong


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Traditional Code 036 - 250g - 7898925921219
Code 039 - 500g - 7898925921158
Extra Strong Code 035 - 250g - 7898925921202
Code 006 - 500g - 7898925921066

This coffee consists of a blend of Arabica beans brought from the Southern region of Minas Gerais state and its industrialization meets all the quality standards demanded by the regu... read more

Extra Strong


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Code 002 - 500g - 7898925921028



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Code 008 - 500g - 7898925921080

In order to produce this specialty coffee, we have the harmonious combination of Arabica coffee beans selcted from the best growing regions in Minas Gerais state, a coffee with strong flavor and aroma, respecting the best methods of choosing and selecting the raw coffee on the farms and the best roast "sweet spot" point in the business. All of this complex process reflects the quality and the acceptance of our customers whenever cupping this blend of coffee called Premium.

Cappuccino and Latte Coffee


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Cappuccino Code 012 - 200g - 7898925921172
Latte Coffee Code 013 - 200g - 7898925921189

Mande from the blend of fine ingredients, Ouro Cappuccino and Ouro Coffee Milk are extremely tasty beverage options with outstanding creaminess and distinctive aroma.

Bean Code 004 - 500g - 7898925921042
Espresso Code 016 - 1kg - 7898925921110

This product is the result of a manuelly made selection so that we may guarantee the total quality of the coffee by monitoring it since harvest, once the standards of granulometry an... read more

Code 011 - 50g - 7898925921165
Code 015 - 200g - 7898925921127

The soluble coffee is made by extrating the essences from the beans and transforming them into a delicious instant coffee. Produced meeting rigorous quality standards, Ouro Instant Coffee guarantees convenience and satisfaction to its customers.

Nº 102 Code 018 - 30un - 7898925921141
Nº 103 Code 017 - 30un - 7898925921134

Ouro filters are mande of Polypropylene (PP), therefore they do not require wood or any other ways of netural resources exploitation, the filter are certainly more resistant and econ... read more


R. Dr. Getúlio Vargas, 2620 - Centro Ibirama-SC, Cep: 89140-000